Garden Of Eternal Youth

August 20th, 2009
Garden Of Eternal Youth
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Garden Of Eternal Youth

By Praveen on August 20th, 2009

A lesson in paed?



  1. i’ve always known you were a dirty birdie

    1. omg! You’re the dirty one! Like that time I dreamt you were mad at me. You asked if don’t I have anything better to dream about, then you did that damn naughty smiley “;P”……..

      1. lol such naughtiness!

      2. I didnt mean it like that you perv! I just meant it as in “You got nothing better to dream about than me being mad at you?” 😛

        1. LOL suuuuure 😛

  2. Looks like he’s gonna have to wait for more than his garden to grow.

  3. “Paed”???

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