There’s Always Gotta Be One Of Them (2)

June 9th, 2010
There’s Always Gotta Be One Of Them (2)
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There’s Always Gotta Be One Of Them (2)

By Praveen on June 9th, 2010

Continuity continues…

Oh, what will happen next!?!

Lightning strikes computer

By Praveen on August 7th, 2009

Hey folks,

As some of you already know, I am going through a little rough time right now.  On Tuesday I was eating in my kitchen when I heard this HUGE clap of thunder right outside the house.  My alarm system started beeping and stuff, but more importantly my computer was fried…  So I have been struggling to put together a new one and it has been frustrating to say the least.  I am thinking that I will have to end up buying a new pc which is not too good because I am kind of broke right now.  “Damn the recession!”

I hope I will atleast be able to access the data from my fried computer’s hardrives.  There is where I have everything stored.  I can’t even foresee the things I would do to myself if these files could not be retrieved…

Anyway, until I setup a PC  and get back up and running, I will not be posting any new comics.  So let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later.

You can go through my archive if you haven’t already done so!  Or if you’re just tuning in, here are some of my favorite pieces:


Woman being sued $50,000 for a tweet…

By Praveen on July 29th, 2009

Ok, so I was sent this article: (via twitter no less).  Basically, Horizon Group Management is suing a Chicago resident for tweeting the following message:

“You should just come anyway.  Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”

on the grounds that it damaged the company’s business reputation. When I read this article I immediately felt upset.  I am not exactly sure why I felt this way, but I am sure many other people can explain it better than I can.  In a Spartacus moment, acting in a perhaps rash manner,  I tweeted this message:”

Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.

Now I feel like I will be sued too! yay!  But seriously, this is a CALL TO ACTION.  This woman needs your help!  (I don’t know her relations and previous history with Horizon, but suing her $50,000 for that tweet is just shameful)  If everyone who reads this retweets the message, we can save her  (and probably me too).

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