I Have Chicken Pox, and I Am Going To TREAT You With It

October 31st, 2009
I Have Chicken Pox, and I Am Going To TREAT You With It
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I Have Chicken Pox, and I Am Going To TREAT You With It

By Praveen on October 31st, 2009

Two days ago I started developing red bumps on my scalp, aches and pains all over my body, headaches and even worse eye pain than I normally have. This morning the bumps were huge and started spreading to the rest of my body.  So I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Chicken Pox.  I was prescribed an anti viral med which I am using now (and Polysporin).  Seeing as it is Halloween, I got an idea to do a comic based on me getting Chicken Pox and it being Halloween…  So when I came back from the doctor I started working on the comic.  I wanted to finish it while it was still Halloween so I worked through the pain and weakness!  I am also supposed to be working on a few other projects for other people.  I hope they don’t see this…  Anyway, I just finally got the comic done.  Hope you enjoy!

Having Chicken Pox is an interesting thing.  Your body changes so radically as it progresses through the various stages of development.  Every time I look in the mirror (which is often teehehehehehhee) I look so different.  It is a remarkable thing to see your body do these things.

Also, I held a last minute vote on the last line used and the majority (all one of them! – but no one needs to know that :P) voted for this line!  Here were the other options:

1 “Treat my Chicken Pox
or let me treat you with it”

2 “Treat my Chicken Pox …. or I’ll treat you with it!”

3 “Treat my chicken pox”

4 “Treat my chicken Pox, or BE TREATED WITH IT”

5 “I have Chicken Pox, and I am going to treat you with it.”

Can you think of any better lines?



  1. Is the bald kid going as Vin Diesel?

    1. hhahahahahahahahaha


  2. Oh no! get better soon. The guy does look like Vin Diesel

    1. hehe thanks. I am actually pretty much recovered from the Pox 🙂

      Damn Vin Diesel, he always wins 😛

  3. oooh, that is mighty scary 😮

  4. Last panel looks pretty slick

  5. Your blog doesn’t look right in Lynx. Maybe your theme? But other than that, I’m going to say this isnt the first I’ve seen this. But yes, it’s pretty much the way it is and the way it will be. wty1d8

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