If The Russians Can Do It…

September 26th, 2009
If The Russians Can Do It…
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If The Russians Can Do It…

By Praveen on September 26th, 2009

I know I am a couple of years late on this one but better late than never! I had a conversation recently which somehow got to the topic of the great Russia flag planting mission that took place in 2007. Those crazy Russians had planted a flag under the ice, on the bottom of the ocean, at the North Pole in an attempt to claim the Arctic region. As soon as I remembered this event, I wanted to do a comic on it and besides being totally hilarious, it is a pretty cool concept. And you know me, I am all about jumping on the cool concept bandwagon…

If you want to read more – Russia plants flag staking claim to Arctic region

“You can’t go around the world these days dropping a flag somewhere, this isn’t the 14th or 15th century. “



  1. This is so silly AND funny!

    1. Great! The two main things I am going for lol 😛

  2. You have no chance to survive make your time.

    1. WHat yOU SAY?!!

      1. someone set us up the flag?

  3. I think the great Mole-Nation beat you to it.

    1. LOL when I first read that I thought there was some Mole-Nation site that already did this joke. So when I searched and found nothing, I realized the “Mole” part lol. Damn those pesky moles. Is there anyway to get rid o’them?

  4. Haha! I can dig it. Gerrit? Dig. Like the tunnel in your strip. Oh, alright, it’s too early. I’ll get a coffee.

    1. LOL

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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