Jul 19

Manitoulin Island + Twitter!

By Praveen on July 19th, 2009

Hey!  So I just got a twitter account and it is driving me insane!  Seriously, how can those of you with twitter even live?  I was thinking of getting a facebook account, but this twitter experience… and everything else that accompanies it..  it’s just too much for me.  It’s going to take me a while to get used to this overstimulation…

Anyway, you can find my twitter account here http://twitter.com/PraveenSawh I have to work on adding a link to it from the site.  If you have any cool ideas, let me know!  *Update* I added a little twitter bird link to my twitter account on the top right (above contact) for now.  Hope it is obvious what it is!

And yes, I am going away for a few days.  We are going to Manitoulin Island, where we camp out on the lake.  So ya, there won’t be any new comics until I get back!  See you then!



  1. The twitter birdie is cute 😛 Maybe you can make it *tweet* more 🙂

    1. Looks tasty. Literally. I want to eat that bird.

  2. Why doesn’t my icon show?

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