4chan Anova

July 12th, 2009
4chan Anova
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4chan Anova

By Praveen on July 12th, 2009

Photoshop and save for web colour issues have been buggin’ me for a while.  There’s all these options for colour schemes, colour profiles, monitor previews, RGB this RGB that… and I have prolly tried every fricken’ possible combination of them.  I still can’t get the most simple and expected behaviour.  ALL I want is the freaking final image to look like how it looked in photoshop… BUT NOOOOO it looks desaturated, washed out, gheyified.  There are countless threads that on this problem, many of which have been going on for years.  So far, there’s still no good easy solution.  The latest thing I am trying to deal with this problem is to flatten the image before saving, and then adjust the saturation/brightness/colour levels on that one layer.  You sort of have to guesstimate how much photoshop will mess with the image upon saving, and compensate for that.  This is not a perfect solution as somethings that you dont want changing, like the whites in bubbles for instance, will be affected.

I already use lowered brightness settings on my monitor because of my eye issues, so I always felt I had to compensate for that.  On top of that, everyone’s monitor and settings are different.  And all of that would be sort of ok, but the fact that your final saved image looks different from what you were working on in photoshop, ON THE SAME COMPUTER AND MONITOR, is just retarded…

So yeah, if you’re watching my comic, then chances are you’re not seeing what was intended for you to see.  Chances are, you’re seeing the mixture of various vile e-fluids released from photoshop F*CKING my pretty little image.

Anyway, on to the comic lol.  The line “Statistics always have variables!”, while funny in an of itself, would never be so funny had it come out of another character’s mouth.  This one just cracked me up from the start and, as I worked on the art, I laffed even more.  Oh yeah, we were talking about 4chan (which I never visit – I SWEAR… well only like once).  Hope you enjoy!



  1. Here’s an easy solution: save it as a png.

    1. w0w, I never thought of that! And the thing is I do use pngs for other web site stuff… I will try it out and see if it really is a solution. 😉 Thanks!

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